Our first H2020 Project begins! Z-Bre4k Kicks-off

We are proud that Z-Bre4k, a proposal generated and managed generated by CORE, is a running H2020 project starting October 2017. Our concept engineering approach led to the formation of a very solid concept, and by finding people who believed in it, we formed a strong consortium to deliver it. We love being part of such strong teams, and many thanks to all of our partners who helped to realise it.

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Nikos KyriakoulisZ-Bre4k, Projects
CORE @ Athens Science Festival

Say it simple. Present your research in an effective way.

“The only way to leave the planet”. Could you guess which innovation of 1926 is behind this description? How can a scientist explain the process of his research in an understandable and simple way?

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Nikos Kyriakoulis
Forward - From the Lab to Society

On Friday 16 December at 13.00, INNOVATHES, the Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Technopolis City of Athens, presented Forward, a new platform which goal is to disseminate the research results from funded projects bridging the academia with the industry and the society.

Nikos Kyriakoulis from Core Innovation, one of the inspirators and active supporter of Forward, gave a speech about the Importance of presenting the research results in a mindful and comprehensive way, its opportunities and possibilities, and how to go from the lab to the society.

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Nikos KyriakoulisINNOVATHENS
Proposal Writing Game: Discover the Core of EU funding

A guide to a new mindset on how to make your proposals stand out and successful. 

Funding proposals can be tricky, challenging and frustrating. You may feel confident of your proposal in theory, but struggle to write it down in an appealing and interesting way. It's not only about the proposal itself, it's also about how it's been structured and how it can be strongly presented. Our aim is to show you how to make your proposals stand out, getting EC officers' attention and become successful for funding.  

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