Dr Nikos Kyriakoulis

Nikos has been active in EU proposal writing and EU projects implementation since 2006. From 2015 to 2017, he worked as European Proposals Manager in Brunel University London, supporting 20 professors in their quest for funding research. He has always been a thinker, curious and aware of the current technological trends, keen in identifying the technologies missing and concerned of how innovation can be applied to modern society bringing together peoples’ needs and the market sector.


Stefanos Kokkorikos

Stefanos is an Electrical & Computer Engineer, involved in EU project management and proposal development since 2011. He is looking to use his experience to bring to life more innovative ideas. His CORE vision is to provide the appropriate tools bridging the gap between research, market and society. He considers enabling technologies, like artificial intelligence, data analytics, augmented reality, etc. as the tools to better understand the world around us.





Marilena Stathopoulou
Business Innovation Consultant

Marilena had been part of a multinational consumer goods organization from 2007 to 2016, in the areas of sales, marketing and category management. Her contribution has been the design and the deployment of strategies that enable category growth and create value to all stakeholders involved in this category. At this point she cultivated the thinking of ecosystems’ development and sustainable growth and applied this knowledge to her collaborations from 2016-2018 as a mentor for new entrepreneurs and as a Sponsorship Program manager of the Aegean University. She had always been an explorer of new ideas and fields and currently aims to nurture innovations that create value to various ecosystems.


Christos Papatheologos
Technology Innovation Consultant

Christos holds a Master’s degree in Electric and Computer Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and an M.Sc. in Management Technology and Economics from the Swiss Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich). Prior to joining Core Innovation he was working as a Management Consultant at the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB AG), being involved in several digitalization projects including the set-up of SmartRail4.0 and Building Information Modeling for Rail infrastructure. His CORE vision is to accelerate the development of new technologies, that tackle the economy’s and society’s most challenging and urgent problems.



Technical Innovation


Dr Apostolos Chondronasios
Technical Manager

Apostolos holds an M.Eng in Production and Management Engineering from Democritus University of Thrace, an M.Sc in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and a PhD in Machine Vision & Learning in Manufacturing from University of Portsmouth. Since 2016, he has participated in many European projects (FP7 and H2020) as a Senior Researcher, involving Machine Learning, Machine Vision, Deep Learning, Simulation, Optimization and Data Analytics. His expertise includes programming in Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Matlab, simulations in Simscape for complex systems and Halcon Vision Software.


Dr Ioannis Meintanis
Data Scientist

Ioannis holds a PhD in Control Theory and Design and a M.Sc. degree in Systems and Control from City University of London, UK. Since 2012 he has been active in research and EU projects implementation such as energy systems, NTD imaging applications and industrial process control. His main interests are in the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence with advanced control theory and Machine/Deep Learning applications including also modelling, simulations and optimization for complex systems.


Nikos Monios
Data & IoT Engineer

Nikos is a Data and IoT engineer with a professional and academic background in embedded systems and IoT. He holds a Master's degree in Internetworked Electronic Systems from the University of West Attica, where he graduated with distinction. Between 2015 and 2017 he participated in an H2020 project working in the embedded and cloud domains, interfacing sensors with microcontrollers, writing firmware, creating GUIs and implementing machine learning algorithms. His expertise includes C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Matlab, VHDL and Verilog.



Project Leaders


Dr Nikos Makris

Nikos combines technology engineering expertise with a solid business background. He spent his early professional life on basic research and the rest on helping organizations to fund their innovation projects. Nikos believes that technological progress is the basic building block for a better future. With many years of grant writing experience under his belt, he focuses on helping breakthrough technology projects that create value for the society to reach the market.


Antonis Vlasopoulos

After graduating from the Chemical Engineering School of the National Technical University of Athens, Antonis became involved in European funded collaborative research since 2012, working with Greek universities and research centres. From 2015 to 2018, he moved to the post of European Proposals Manager in the Research Support and Development Office (RSDO) of Brunel University London. There, he supported many successful projects in a wide variety of fields such as energy efficiency in buildings, industrial processes, materials, nanotechnology and circular economy. In Core he is committed to supporting innovative research that can address issues and challenges faced by society.


Eleni Kolovou

Eleni earned her diploma in Architectural Engineering from the University of Patras and completed her Masters’ studies in Advanced Architecture at IaaC Barcelona. Before getting involved in proposal writing and project managing of EU funded projects in 2014, she was designing and developing architectural projects of various scales and uses running her own firm. What has drawn her to the innovation sector was her research interest in urban games, smart cities and ICT. She is an out of the box design thinker fascinated by creative collaboration contexts.





Antigone Nikolaidi
Communication Officer

Antigone holds a BA in Communication, Media and Cultural studies and a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. She has been working in the marketing and cultural sector for nearly ten years. Her professional experience includes working as a Publications Editor, Community Manager, Events Coordinator and Website Administrator primarily in the performing arts industry. Dedicated to learning new things and exploring ideas to uncover new challenges, she has always seen technology as an integral part of our lives.


Ilia Kantartzi
Communication Coordinator

Ilia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media & Communications from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and a Master’s degree in Heritage Management from University of Kent & Athens University of Economics and Business (collaborative programme). She has significant experience in project management, media & communications, financial planning and events coordination. She has contributed in the coordination of several research projects and has always been enthusiastic about participating in such innovative and forward-thinking projects.


Sotiris Vasiliou
Communication Designer

Sotiris earned his diploma in Architectural Design from the University of Patras and since 2008 has been active in architecture and exhibition design. Since 2012 he has been engaged in publication, graphic design and the visual identity of performance art works. He has closely worked with the artists Andreas Angelidakis, Angelo Plessas, Danai Anesiadou, Vasilis Vilaras, Lenio Kaklea and Alexandra Bachzetsis.