Our first H2020 Project begins! Z-Bre4k Kicks-off

We are proud that Z-Bre4k, a proposal generated and managed by CORE, is a running H2020 project starting October 2017. Our concept engineering approach led to the formation of a very solid concept, and by finding people who believed in it, we formed a strong consortium to deliver it. We love being part of such strong teams, and many thanks to all of our partners who helped to fund it. Now let's realise it!!

Strategies and Predictive Maintenance models wrapped around physical systems for Zero-unexpected- Breakdowns and increased operating life of Factories

The Z-Break solution comprises the introduction of eight (8) scalable strategies at component, machine and system level targeting (1) the prediction occurrence of failure (Z-PREDICT), (2) the early detection of current or emerging failure (Z-DIAGNOSE), (3) the prevention of failure occurrence, building up, or even propagation in the production system (Z-PREVENT), (4) the estimation of the remaining useful life of assets (Z-ESTIMATE), (5) the management of the aforementioned strategies through event modelling, KPI monitoring and real-time decision support (Z-MANAGE), (6) the replacement, reconfiguration, re-use, retirement, and recycling of components/assets (Z-REMEDIATE), (7) synchronizing remedy actions, production planning and logistics (Z-SYNCHRONISE), (8) preserving the safety, health, and comfort of the workers (Z-SAFETY). Z-Bre4k impact to the European manufacturing industry and the society can be summarised in the following: (i) increase of the in-service efficiency by 24%, (ii) reduced accidents, (iii) increased Verification according to objectives, (iv) 400 new jobs created and (v) over €42M ROI for the consortium.

Nikos KyriakoulisZ-Bre4k, Projects