Proposal Writing Game: Discover the Core of EU funding

CORE TRAINING - Successfully delivered a two-day workshop for proposal writing!

A guide to a new mindset on how to make your proposals stand out and successful. 

Funding proposals can be tricky, challenging and frustrating. You may feel confident of your proposal in theory, but struggle to write it down in an appealing and interesting way. It's not only about the proposal itself, it's also about how it's been structured and how it can be strongly presented. Our aim is to show you how to make your proposals stand out, getting EC officers' attention and become successful for funding.  

Experience, development and ultimately confidence come through practicing and exercising.

We believe that the best way to learn and improve is through interaction and communication. The proposal writing game and our training workshops for groups are designed to allow all participants to express their ideas, share their concerns and develop altogether new concepts. Our hands on exercises will help you experience how to fully analyse a topic, identify the technology, the results, the supply chain and the objectives, but more importantly how all the above will provide a concept ready for proposal development.