Forward - From the Lab to Society

On Friday 16 December at 13.00, INNOVATHES, the Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Technopolis City of Athens, presented Forward, a new platform which goal is to disseminate the research results from funded projects.

Nikos Kyriakoulis from Core Innovation, one of the inspirators and active supporter of Forward, gave a speech about the Importance of presenting the research results in a mindful and comprehensive way, its opportunities and possibilities, and how to go from the lab to the society.

The research results can change the future and the society. Therefore, they need to be comprehensible to the public. The European Commission, gives a lot of weight to the dissemination and communication of the research results, encouraging, academia, research centers, and enterprises towards this direction.

INNOVATHENS aiming at contributing to the support of these efforts, leading from the lab to the society and into the real life application, presents Forward; a platform offering personalised and customised services of high quality based on four pilars:

Online presence: Spread the message with an interesting and direct way, hosting in a platform linked with the INNOVATHENS website, where the research results will be uploaded. They will be linked with the established  networks of INNOVATHENS and Technopolis (social media, sites, communication with Press, dissemination to target groups, design of websites and blogs.

Offline material: Logo design, visual identity, printed and other promoting material

Audiovisual: Offering of specialised equipment for live streaming and cinematography of events for the dissemination and information.

Events: Organisation of events at INNOVATHENS and Technopolis: workshops, seminars, press conferences, lectures, exhibitions, etc.

Forward, apart from the services for each research project, will also act as a platform for exchanging ideas and networking, from which the academia and the industry will be given the capability to form synergies, agreements, develop and exploit innovative products and services, as well as to start new research endeavors. 

Nikos KyriakoulisINNOVATHENS