Releasing the full potential requires tools which respect the particularities of each case. Tailor made tools are required.

That’s where we come in. 


Machine Learning

We help industry to make meaning of their data so that they can unleash the power of their machines. We want to know what is going to happen and to be prepared. To achieve that, we make use of their experience, knowledge and data.

We develop custom made algorithms for multiple sectors, such as Industry 4.0 & manufacturing, Energy (EeB, Smart Grids), Critical Infrastructure and equipment, Smart Systems and personalisation, and Smart Cities and Communities.


Predictive Operation

  • Customized solutions for every use case 

  • Covering a wide range of possibilities (anomaly detection,fault classification, time-to-failure prediction)

  • Based on artificial intelligence (ensembles, deep learning, etc.)

Core Projects using Predictive Maintenance: Z-Bre4k, Iqonic, Predict


Energy Forecasting & Optimization

  • Custom solutions for every use case 

  • Long and short timescale possibilities

  • Based on artificial intelligence (ensembles, deep learning, etc.)

Core Projects using Weather Forecasting: PV-Adapt



Some of the greatest breakthroughs of our era either remain in the laboratories or do not attract a proper customer attention. We aim to enable these technologies through appropriate management and thorough research, so that they can reach the right markets and on time. In other words, we aim to move innovation away from the lab and bring it to the people.

A 5-step strategy to secure market success and timely delivery of the developed technologies. Understanding both technology and market is a prerequisite for success. Our Profit Simulation Tool support our clients and partners by taking into account the customer segments, the activities and resources needed providing estimated Revenues and Costs projected in time.



Deliver the message in a comprehensive way. We identify the target audiences, set the objectives and the budget and assess the process (Say it simple). We help in the communication and dissemination of the results. Our approach is to identify the core message and transform it in a comprehensive language for each audience. We collaborate with some of the biggest innovation hubs and research centres.


Concept and Business Model Engineering

We help you find the core of your innovation. Sometimes, the innovation lies in only a few components and their application to the right problem. By not being saturated by details, we see the big picture and we help you put the puzzle pieces together, and we have developed a map for it (Core visual map). We always look for successful solutions and consider how they could be transferred into more problems. Our understanding of the technologies and our skill to find common patterns among similar problems, allow us to identify the required innovations.