Who we are

Working together since 2012, we have developed a strong understanding of the innovation value chain. Our CORE network of partners comprise high profile researchers, technology providers, industry, business consultants, and investors, and end-users from the public and private sector. 


What we Believe

We believe that innovation is a journey and not a destination. While novelties create steps forward, only real innovation can change the course of industries, if not the way we live our lives and this is what we are looking for. We want to see the big picture, we want to push the industries forward, we want to become the medium that will take the innovation from the lab and bring it to the people. 

What we Dream

We are inspired by those who believe in their innovations, who dream of a better way to live our lives, who are determined to realise their ideas. We dream of a world where these people will realise their dreams without possessing all the infrastructure, all the technology, and all the funding, but only an idea that resonates with them, a strong inspiration, and enough perseverance to continue the journey after failing.

What we Love

We love being involved with people who share our beliefs and dreams, who exchange ideas and views, who wish to make a difference and make the world better. We love to actively contribute and participate in the journey to change the course of industries and the way we live our lives. We love communities with equal roles, complementary skills, and versatile needs, as it's the only way to succeed.



Nikos Kyriakoulis, PhD, Msc

Managing Partner

Nikos has been active in EU proposal writing and EU projects implementation since 2006. From 2015 to 2017, he worked as European Proposals Manager in Brunel University London, supporting 20 professors in their quest for funding research. He has always been a thinker, curious and aware of the current technological trends, keen in identifying the technologies missing and concerned of how innovation can be applied to modern society bringing together peoples’ needs and the market sector. 


Apostolos Chondronasios, PhD, MSc

Technical Manager 

Apostolos holds an M.Eng in Production and Management Engineering from Democritus University of Thrace, an M.Sc in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and a PhD in Machine Vision & Learning in Manufacturing from University of Portsmouth. Since 2016, he has participated in many European projects (FP7 and H2020) as a Senior Researcher, involving Machine Learning, Machine Vision, Deep Learning, Simulation, Optimization and Data Analytics. His expertise includes programming in Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Matlab, simulations in Simscape for complex systems and Halcon Vision Software. He is the Technical Manager of Core Innovation.


Stefanos Kokkorikos, Msc

Managing Partner

Stefanos is an Electrical & Computer Engineer, involved in EU project management and proposal development since 2011. He is looking to use his experience to bring to life more innovative ideas. His CORE vision is to provide the appropriate tools bridging the gap between research, market and society. He considers enabling technologies, like artificial intelligence, data analytics, augmented reality, etc. as the tools to better understand the world around us.