Concept & Business Model Engineering

After working for the last ten years on creating and managing technology and business innovation we have developed a comprehensive Concept & Business Model Engineering tool that we call Core visual Map. We help you find the core of your innovation and plan a strategy to secure funding, collaborators and an audience (Proposal Management). Experience, development and ultimately confidence come through practicing and exercising. We believe that the best way to learn and improve is through interaction and communication. The Core Visual Map will help you experience how to fully analyse a topic, identify the technology, the results, the supply chain and the objectives, but more importantly how all the above will provide a concept ready for proposal development.



We help you find the core of your innovation

Sometimes, innovation lies in nothing but only a few components and their application to the right problem. By not being saturated by details, we see the big picture and we help you put the puzzle pieces together, and we have developed a map for it.

We help you secure funding through proposals

We can formulate with you a strong concept, describe the team you need, and the results you will get. Our mind-set and approach is well tested and successful, being exercised since 2009.

We help you communicate your innovation

Our approach is to identify the core message, and transform it in a comprehensive language for each audience. We collaborate with some of the biggest Innovation hubs and research centers.


We have a multi year experience in writing and funding proposals. To learn more see our projects