Management and Communication

We manage and communicate innovation so that they can have an impact. We want to set the right questions so that our customers can really understand their wills helping them to achieve them. We learn the status quo and see how much we are disrupting it examining the full scenery where they live and operate



Profit simulation tool

Core Innovation offered sub-contract services for Innovation Management, Business Modelling, Penetration Methodologies, Market research for FoF-Impact (EU-funded project coordinated by EFFRA – GA 637212). To support our clients and partners, we built a new Profit Simulation Tool which takes into account the customer segments, the activities and resources needed providing estimated Revenues and Costs projected in time.


Communication and Dissemination

We help in the communication and dissemination of the results. Our approach is to identify the core message, and transform it in a comprehensive language for each audience. We collaborate with some of the biggest Innovation hubs and research centers.