the Proposal Writing Game

Experience, development and ultimately confidence come through practicing and exercising. We believe that the best way to learn and improve is through interaction and communication. The proposal writing game and our training workshops for groups are designed to allow all participants to express their ideas, share their concerns and develop altogether new concepts. Our hands on exercises will help you experience how to fully analyse a topic, identify the technology, the results, the supply chain and the objectives, but more importantly how all the above will provide a concept ready for proposal development. 


The proposal writing Game


You know proposals better than you think, but how well? How often are your proposals successful? What is the reason for your successes or lack thereof? The session is dedicated to let the audience understand the rationale of proposals and their structure.

The training continues with the outline of the proposal writing ecosystem:

  1. Why and how to participate, and why lead, 
  2. Learn the rules of the game, 
  3. From Idea to Market - Technology Readiness Level ,
  4. Types of funding,
  5. Starting point, 
  6. Structure of a Proposal,
  7. Proposal Submission, 
  8. Evaluation criteria

Last, the session armors the attendees with the knowledge of how to make powerful proposals. We begin with How to decipher calls and how to find relevance to each call. What makes a winning concept? What is the Role of Innovations and the market prospects? The consortium building as well as the supply chain is key feature to a successful proposal, so you need to understand the roles of your concept.

Brainstorming session

The Proposal Writing Game

The proposal Writing game will allow the players to walk the same path that is being followed in real Proposals. All the knowledge acquired in the 1st day will be used for playing the game. Get ready!

Topics will be selected and analysed, strong teams will be formed, collaborations will be born. Each of the attendees will play a crucial role, and all the groups will have to deliver innovative ideas through brainstorming and decision making process. 

The best ideas will form a concrete concept, but not for long. There are many pitfalls you have to jump, and many traps to avoid. Are your technologies strong enough? How about your partners? Can they protect you or will they pull you back?

Will you be able to form a winning concept or not? Who will pass the test?

A real challenging game directly inspired from the proposal writing process. The sure thing is that at the end, the players will be forged with confidence and get prepared to deal with any barrier that comes in their way in the future...

The result of the game: A concept

Evaluation and Open Discussion

You will understand how EC officers evaluate your proposal and how they manage to do it effectively in a few hours. You will get to experience examples from real evaluation comments and how they affect the scores.

Interaction through open discussion and presentation of concepts. The gaming session has provided strong concepts, which are shared among the attendees. There will be an open discussion among the instructors and the other teams to explain what are the strong and the weak points. Each of the freshly developed topics will be thoroughly discussed and evaluated by the instructors. 

Last there is a session of real success stories of funded proposals from the selected topics for the Game.  Get to see how close you got with an actual winning project!

The developed concepts may become real proposals, and the attendees after collaborating with each other, will have a head start to prepare a strong proposal.




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Proposal Writing Game: Discover the Core of EU Funding. 

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